About J.A. O’Brien

Why write a memoir?

The best answer to the above question I have found in the following quotation from Thomas Larson:
” The self’s new acumen via the memoir possesses a political mandate as well. Such a form asks me to write (or make graphic stories, videos, oral histories, one-person stage shows) about how recollecting my experience nurtures my individuality and works against a society that demands I kowtow to my social group, my ethnic identity, and my corporate warden be it Pfizer or Pepsi.”

And there is no reason why a writer’s website cannot be included in that list. In this age of Covid 19 as the western world kowtows to ‘Big Pharma’, Larson’s words appeal to this aging, but still feisty dissident.

As a copywriter then journalist and blogger I had much soul searching when it came to writing a book. Every style and genre of writing makes its own particular demands and memoir exposes a writer in all their faults and graces. My wonderful editor, Mary-Jane Holmes, allowed me full rein and at the same time stopped me from being too polemical. Thanks to her I produced a work with “a light touch that has just the right amount of wit and sobriety”.